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LEGALMAR S.L., is established with the aim of offering companies and individuals the management of recovery actions against those responsible for claims relating to matters of transport, Civil liability, criminal and property damage. Active company since 1976, it provides its services throughout the national territory, from its headquarters in Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla, counting, equally, with an effective international network of collaborators – London, Marseille, Lisbon, Brussels, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Milan, Rome, new York, Hong Kong etc – essential tool for the current management of the matters handled by the Departments of Transport and international trade of the Firm and which, in most cases, will facilitate a solution of disputes in which companies may be involved.

BAFUR S.C.R. L, our study was founded in 1968, and these more than 40 years of experience, have allowed us to consolidate as leaders in diverse specialties learning to identify the necessities of our clients according to the economic dynamics of the country. We move forward along with the tendencies of national and international law, both in traditional areas and in new areas of specialization, arising as a result of social, economic and technological changes. In this way, we combine our solid experience with the versatility required by our customers. In BAFUR we have professionals graduated from the most prestigious universities in the country, with postgraduate studies in Peru and abroad.

BAFUR S.C.R. L, – LEGALMAR offers a unified, complete and comprehensive service for all recovery procedures. This includes, among others, solving problems of identification, subsequent investigations, or direct contact with those involved (whether private or company). In this way, the client will save working time by not having to carry out all these efforts of which BAFUR S.C.R. L. assumes.

The evolution, variety and complexity of claims is faced from BAFUR S.C.R. L, – LEGALMAR incorporating its staff of professionals, as well as specialists in law and lawyers, specialized experts in both cars and transport and risks And in all the risks related to boat claims.

Likewise, in order to safeguard the interests of our clients, BAFUR S.C.R. L,-LEGALMAR has strengthened its criminal department with specialists in scam and fraud, increasingly widespread behaviors and that logically require consideration, along with The recovery, when optimizing the account of results of the entity.

Consequently, independently of the branch, BAFUR S.C.R. L,-LEGALMAR guarantees the continual assistance to the client in the management of any question or sinister that could happen, both against other companies of the sector as opposed to insurance companies, Being the tool that will allow the satisfactory resolution of the same or, if necessary, to guarantee the viability of a subsequent recovery action or to protect itself against fraudulent claims.

Indirectly, the intervention and advice of our studies for the management of issues and issues to be raised by each client, it would be especially interesting to manage the knowledge of the company, which will propose improvements or updates of the Policies or procedures which it considers convenient and which allow, either to optimize its results, to improve its products, adapting them to the needs of the sector, as well as the claims of quantity that could originate from the contractual relation existing .

Work areas

The areas of the office involved in providing the service offered would be:

Department of National and International transport:

  • Land transport (by road and rail), sea and air.
  • Damage to the goods, contractual and tort liability of the carrier, pollution of the environment.

Department of Corporate and Mercantile law:

  • Incorporation, modification, transmission and liquidation of companies.
  • Family business, transmission by donation or succession.
  • Corporate contracts, inter-partners and inter-societies.
  • Management of corporate assets.
  • Investments and currencies.
  • Civil and criminal liability. Judicial.

Maritime Law Department:

  • Damage to machine and Hull.
  • Civil liability.
  • Approaches.
  • Rescue.
  • Embargo of ships.

Department of Civil Law:

  • Civil liability in the face of third parties.
  • Fire, water damage, construction.
  • Cars (not CICOS).
  • Pure RC, Multi and SMEs.

PENAL Department:

  • Fraud and scam.
  • Criminal derivations of claims served in damages and Civil liability policies.

Technical-Expert Department:

  • Material damage, theft, fire, water damage.
  • Expert reports, IRD.
  • Expert Judicial reportsl.
  • Assistance to the lawyers of the office in the defense of the interests of the client in the courts.
  • Risk checks for new hire.
  • Post-repairs inspection.

All the lawyers and technical personnel intervening in the files, with their consolidated and verifiable professional experience,  assume the commitment to facilitate  personnel of each client, with the required and accessibility and intimacy involved in the daily management of your company. In short, the combination of our extensive experience with a staff of highly qualified and specialized professionals allows us to offer total coverage of each particular case, offering comprehensive management from start to finish. The key to our success lies in both the economic advantages and the reliability and security that we can offer our clients, guaranteeing an improvement in their accounting results, increasing their income, or reducing their expenses.

Rodrigo Blanco Rodríguez
Socio Principal LEGALMAR, S.L. and LEGAL 4 WINBOW, S.L.P.
Born in Madrid, Spain, October 28th, 1985.
Member of the Bar Association of Madrid and member of the Spanish maritime law.

Specialized in the transport, Import & Export and National Maritime Law, with sub specialization in various arbitral and procedural courts.

Degree in law from Complutense University of Madrid, with outstanding participation in the various papers and courses of the Jean Monet of the studies of the European Union.
Professor of maritime law at the European University of Madrid
Professor at the University of Villanueva de Madrid

Member of the
Madrid Bar Association

Articles and essays on labor law. Exhibitor in the field of labour and migratory law.

Spanish and English.